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Hello Out There! My name is Terri and I unwilling joined the ranks of the Unemployed 6 months ago… gross mismanagement of the business where I worked forced its closing. I’ve been a widow since I was 34 and making my own way in the world. I’ve raised two wonderful sons that make me so proud. Although they would come to my aid, if they knew my circumstances, I have not told them. They have their own lives to live and I’m a very resourceful Mom. I decided that I want to be the Captain of my own ship, Mistress of my own future, instead of being at the mercy of those who have no vision and no regard for their fellow men and women.

I’ve heard and read from the most successful entrepreneurs that you should find something you love, and are good at, and create a business using those guidelines. Well, I’ve always loved to write and I have a beautiful hand, of which I’ve been told throughout the years, so I decided to start a business where I can do what I love and earn my own way with it.

In researching online,I discovered Ray Hrach, esteemed Author of Handwrite For Cash. The description of this book made sense to me and was laid out in such a professional way, that I ordered it right away. It is very affordable and comes with a companion CD and a 10.5 Step planning guide to simplify the process at first glance.

 I am extremely happy with my decision to purchase Ray Hrachs’ book/CD and I’m on my way! I already have two potential Customers lined up for writing projects! Thank you, Ray! I hope you sell hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of copies of Handwrite For Cash!

Terri Noble – Ponder, TX

Loved the book.  It’s great!  It is concise, clear and dense with information. I know that it will be extremely helpful to people in small businesses in general, as well as the specific direct mail, handwriting industry.

Sigrid Macdonald, Author and Editor

Order a copy of Handwrite for Cash and you will learn details from creating a business plan to getting a business tax id to links to help start your own professional business. This book not only leads you to think about yourself and what you want in life professionally, it also gives you sincere guidance to start any business, but especially the handwriting business.

Handwrite for Cash is wisdom in an economy that is difficult. To be able to start a company in these times can help yourself and others as well. Give this book, cd and guide as a gift to those who have thought about working out of the home or for themselves and they will be so grateful for your kindness.

The cost of Handwrite for Cash and cd are very small and will give the purchaser special knowledge and help that will multiply the value of the purchase over and over. Also, the CD gives usable calculators (just type in input) to help you with figuring out your cost/revenue and links to helpful businesses when starting.

The author is selfless, warmhearted and thoughtful. The book & CD and their business guidance is very legitimate and worthwhile! Here is a helping hand in the work from home business world, take a hand and help yourself and others with Handwrite for Cash.

J.S. – Indiana, PA

Very helpful!

Danita Carter – Lincolnton, NC

I think your book was wonderful, and I think that it was selfless of you to share about the business of handwriting for cash.

I have finished reading the book, and I am definitely motivated to pursue this business. I liked that the book had a lot of details that I found to be very useful. Also the accompanying disc was also helpful. It saves me the time and trouble of doing my own research where professional services are concerned.

Overall I think the book was wonderful!

Nicola Wilson – Cambria Heights, NY

At first, I was a little skeptical when I heard about the book, “Handwrite for Cash”. As a result, I signed up for the free daily emails. Well, that was not enough for me and I decided to purchase the book. After doing the work for over the past year, I decided to take the leap and go for it with my own business. I felt so empowered after reading the book. The book can definitely help you wherever you are. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!

Melody Gary – Suitland, Maryland

I’ve read the book and was truly inspired!!!  I’m excited now about my new venture and anxious to get started.  Until I received and read Handwrite for Cash I was stumped.  I’m impressed with your book.  It’s concise and simple, and I appreciate a lot of the little tips you offered.  I’m very happy with your product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in starting a handwriting service.

Susan Jones – Greenwood, SC

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